My old office chair sat dismantled on the corner of my block. I had released it to the sidewalk earlier that day and it traveled down the street, seemingly on its own, before the legs were taken off and the seat ripped out. Finally, it disappeared altogether.

And so the…

I drove by a Black Lives Matter protest in my small Vermont hometown last week, and I didn’t stop. Not because the movement itself, and the powerful need for it, doesn’t stir me. In fact, it stirs me too much. “Sorry people,” I thought. …

Ride Details:
Lyft fare (11.73mi, 18m 10s) $13.60
308 Domestic Terminals Departures Level, San Francisco

“Hey there, for Johanna?”


“You here visiting?”

“No, I live here. I was just in Phoenix for a wedding.”

“Okay. So, how do they do weddings in the U.S.?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, who…

Ride Details:
Lyft fare (11.52 miles, 21m 24s) $18.19
1546 Sky Harbor Cir S, Phoenix
3990 N 1st Ave, Scottsdale

“Hey, Yousif?”

“Yes, hi.”

“Is this your first time in Phoenix?”

“First time visiting. Passed through a bunch. You like it here?”

“Oh yeah, I love it.”

“Are you from…

The sodden tufts of grass that make their way, disaffected,
between rocks on the cliff edge
and along the cattle grates,
remind me that all things press on without permission.
And so what if the trees lean to one side,
the wind passing over their backs?
And so what if the clouds make a coy engagement…

What follows in the second chapter of Cheese Dreams are the notes of a pseudo-pseudo-scientific experiment wherein I consume different types of cheese before bed to test the Cheese Dreams theory. (See the first Cheese Dreams entry for further information on background, hypothesis and protocol.) The format of this post…

I first learned of the cheese dream prophesy while half-drunk in London. The nice London boy who I was drunk with couldn’t believe that I had never heard that eating cheese before bed gives you very real, very strange dreams.

It reminded me of something — perhaps the only thing…

Johanna Sorrentino

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